I Love My Wife More Than Everything Else In The Universe

I have been married for 10+ years and every year I love my wife more than before.
We had happy experiences but also very sad experiences together. We sometimes agree, we often disagree on many things. But love, true love, deep love is always there.
Anything can happen, but we know that we'll be there for each other. Always, forever.
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11 Responses Aug 3, 2012

you will always stay together.

Oh, "totally devoted" are the phrase that naturally came out. Thank you for sharing this part of you.

Awww ... that's sweet. Your wife is a lucky woman.

I'm a very lucky man to have found her.

We keep it up without God's help :P

amen bro. keep it up with God's help.this is the only way to build a good home and upright children...Get your wife's commitment again...so that she don't stray too.! Today's report 8 million sign up with ashley...I been married for 28 years...it is a blessingwho in the 50s can make love 3x a day? unless you're in love with your spouse of 28 years!

Right on!

Loving your wife unconditionally is great. I know couples do have problems, but if the love is always there they can be concord. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thats beautiful ...I want that in my marriage. About70% there myself

Hope every man is like you

such a sweet tribute to your wife, your marriage, and your love :)

Good to see another man with respect for his wife. God bless you and hope he give you another 50 years with your wife.