Happily Married

Hmm ... what can I say in this story. I joined this group because I have been married to a very good man for almost 10 years. I love him very much. As far as being happy goes. Who can say that they are truly happy at every moment in their marriage. I don't think anyone can. I am happy most of the time and the rest of the time I am at the least content with the spouse I have chosen. I will always be faithful to him. My love will never lessen. No matter how happy or unhappy I am. Marriage does not bring happiness.  True Happiness is wanting what you have not having what you want. I want him not because I need him, but because I love him. So I suppose you can say i am happily married.

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I've been married 21 years, and hope to die in her loving arms (or her in mine, whichever comes first). And I joined this site because I wanted to find some powerful (yet largely anonymous) interactions. <br />
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Is that why we you are here too?

Hooray for love & marriage!

It is really great you have been married for 10 years. As a married person I hope to be married a long time and be as happy as you are. Happiness is really important in marriage. You don't hear about many marriages lasting long. It is a treat to see couples married as long as 10 years or longer.

Thanks for sharing so nice and edifiying histories.

I can say too that I have been happily married to my husband for 8 years and we have been together now for 10, we have two beautiful daughters, a mortgage and a business that I am trying to sell. But a happy marriage is alot of work, it isn't all fun and games. We have definitely had some hard times, where we have almost walked away, but realised there was too much at stake. We have also watched alot of marriages break up and see how it affects the children. We made a pact that we would not do that to our children and that we will be faithful to each other for the rest of our lives. Lately our marriage has been the best that it has ever been and for that I am greatful. My girls love having mum and dad around and are sad when we have to go to work, but that is the price you pay when you want to get somewhere in the life. At least we are all together at night and on the weekends. Our children are our life and they help to make our marriage joyful also.

Thank you for your comment. and I completely agree.

I liked your story, it's heart warming. Marriage is wonderful when you have the right partner and the right perspective.

Ya things can change tho and ppl grow apart and u can b happy but happier w someone else...just depends on if u are happy enough!