How To Spice Our Marriage Life

I have been married since last 10 years and more important we have dated for 5 years prior to our marriage...........we love each other from bottom of the heart... but when get together at bed, feelings and romance completely disappear and we start to talk about others and and on other hand if we wish to have intercourse we use to go straight forward starting from foreplay depending upon the gap..... after crushing we used to be normal..... buddies I love her very much and for me as well for her also even we can not think third one in our life.... but how to spice our marriage life.............
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Many good suggestions. Here is something my wife of 25 years likes. She can't get enough foot rubs, so I got some Berts Bees foot lotion. I put on my cutest panties or a thong (she loves seeing me in panties) and I go at her feet. After her feet are well done I move up and do her neck, temples, and shoulders.. Works wonders.
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Follow the dating rules, you set up a date night, movies, a meal, ring the door bell, wash the car, flowers, lingerie, read erotica, spend more time on foreplay then you ever have before, tug/shower together, motel away, go online together to buy a sex toy, try the new flavor lubricants. Read what she is reading on the fifty shades! Married my HS sweathear, 35 years ago and we still got the heat!

Romance completely disappeared? Try to date your wife. My wife likes it when I treat her like it is I first month dating together. (to-get-her)
Second... Make bed time about what she wants and likes. Focus on her having two or more ******* before you had one.
Third... Read the book called, "The Five Love Languages."

Thank you man......

you are welcome. Anytime about anything man. :-)