Happily Ever After

I hope that's how the story ends.  It's the finish I'm working towards anyway.

Lets see, it was the start of a new year, well actually a month into it.  I got my divorce in 97; that ended my first marriage. I won't bore you with any of the details but it wasn't happily married for either of us.

After the divorce, I ended up in a bad relationship for a while, but I did figure it out and I got out of it.  In fact, I had decided that I didn't need anyone, and was set on raising my children and just enjoying life.

Then, she came to my door.  Her daughters were friends with my daughter, and she stopped to pick up her kids.  The first time she stopped, she told me who she was, why she was their, and then turned and walked back to her car to wait.  I didn't know what to think.

The next afternoon, she stopped, to pick up her daughters again.  They persuaded her to wait, then the next thing we know, all the kids are gone and we are left alone.

We talked most of the night, and probably would have talked all night, except all our children decided to come back instead of staying the night.

We had a whirl-wind romance and were pretty much living together within two or three weeks.  If I wasn't sleeping over at her house, she was at mine.  After graduation, I moved out here, and she soon joined me.

We lived together for four and a half years then we got married.  That was two years ago.  I know, newly-weds.  And that's what we plan on staying, too.  We have shared a great deal over the six years we've been together, both good and bad.

We are honest and open with each other in all things.  We don't hold any grudges over each others past, or mistakes we have made since we met.  We forgive and move forward, only keeping track of what's behind us as a reference not to repeat the same mistakes.

We are best friends, lovers, and partners in all life has to offer.  We meet each day together, side by side, and we end each day the same, side by side.  We don't hold the other back, but challenge each other to grow and reach new heights.  In fact, we grow together, not as individuals, but as a couple.  We are one in spirit, and we practice putting the other first in all things.

Being happily married isn't something I can take credit for.  I do try and do the best for her, to make her world a fairy-tale come true.  But it's not what I'm doing, I just return to her all that she gives to me.  She is the miracle that came to my door and showed me how to give, to love, and to live.

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This is such a sweet and inspiring story :) it always makes me so happy reading about happy marriages and relationships.

This would appear to be my goal as well...although its gonna be way more difficult

In all honesty, I thought you were my husband when I read this. These words could easily be his words. Then I thought about your name and his love of Batman...<br />
<br />
My husband and I have been married almost 8 years and we still feel like newlyweds. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him. It is so nice knowing that there are men out there who are in touch with their emotions about their love and are able to express it too! Your wife is a lucky woman. If you were here, I'd hug you. Thank you for writing this.

Thanks for the hug and for your kind words. I hope the love continues to grow.

thanks DMP7 I hope you live your happily ever after, too

Thanks, OrangeTas, it's great to get your comment the first time around, even better for a returning reader. I do hope this is how the story ends but only time will tell.

Enjoyed reading your story again :)

Dear Darknight,<br />
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I am pursuing publishing an inspirational book about Happily Married Men- It will primarily consist of testimonials. I believe that our society portrays the single life as lavish and fulfilling to men and the married life as miserable therefore encouraging them to stay single as they are afraid of being miserable. Whereas I know many single men, and they all talk about how lonely they are- yet when they find a girl that makes them endlessly happy, they run from her due to their fear of commitment. I happen to know quite a few happily married men, but for some reason, those stories seem to be very hush hush. I find this very sad as I believe a lot of men are denying themselves complete fulfillment and endless love and happiness ba<x>sed off of fear imposed by our society. Would you consider partaking? If so, please email me at mrfaraone@yahoo.com. <br />
Thank you for your beautiful story.<br />
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Respectfully,<br />
Michelle Rene Faraone

I don't know how well I could guide you, even though I would love to help. Even if I had more information, I'm not a counselor; I have no training in guiding others. I could easily make things worse instead of better.

hi darknight, loved ur story. As u said it takes two to tango... i am married to a man who claims that he loves me, but at times his actions make me believe otherwise. he doesnt bother much about what i am feeling. i mean his needs are a priority to my feeling good. Somethings are good in our marriage however there are times everyday when i feel i made a mistake. But i dont have the guts to end the relationship, so I go and patch up/ compromise everytime we fight. Guide me here please

It can, it does! It's something that both partners have to want, and be willing to make happen...

i am so happy to hear that it really can happen. smile :)<br />

Thank you. It seems as time passes, the sun shines even brighter. Not that it never rains, we have our cloudy days too. Ah, but even then, the rainbows that follow are worth getting a little wet from time to time.

Your story gives hope to all of us. I'm smiling and I hope life keeps smiling on the two of you. (and those lucky kids too)

Thanks a4m, it's alway snice to read these...

I am happy too :-) Ahhhh yes,<br />
I love reading love stories about happy couples. It's so nice :-)

That's a good thought, Titan007, but I think it goes beyond luck, we have to appreciate your partner and you have to put in the effort to keep it right...

ah, we have to be extremely lucky to have a right partner

Thank you Moria, yes she does.<br />
<br />
Thank you, Snookybear. I'm sure there are many more member's who are happy in their relationships, if we could only get them to share their stories, as well.

I'm very inspired to hear that another person on here is happy in their marriage as I am. ^5

As long as there's life, there's hope. Besides, is it an ending, or is it a beginning? Every door swings two ways...

Thank you. As the saying goes, anything is possible if you put yor mind to it. However, in any partnership, it must include both partners putting their minds to it...

Love reading stories like this .. it IS possible to be happily married

:) Isn't that what we do in life, relate things to self? I'm glad that you can relate so well...

Thanks Ravenlee, we are not only staying friends but growing closer as we learn more about each other. And, it's true it's all about giving...

fairy tale...whether it's giving back what you receive or she being inspired to give based on how she feels and what she feels from you - it's a wonderful connection & I am happy to read stories like this. the second chance is being put to good use. stay friends always & all ways.

Thanks. That's exactly what I was thinking when she showed up at my door, and why we didn't get married sooner. For us, getting married was the right choice, but that's not true for everyone. I think the fact that we are soul-mates has made the difference, and, I do believe that this is our right time.