I was speaking with a beautiful young lady (Byl) and we had this interaction

":) Your profile says that you were happily married??? What does that mean? Lol?!!! I've never really met anyone who has said that they are happily married"

Me 3 hours ago
My bride makes me happy... And she claims i make her happy.

Me 2 hours ago
She is my world, the love of my life , she is my Queen, my Dominatrix, my submissive, my best friend.. So yea i am in a truly happy marriage

Wow !!! What's your secret !! Please share !!

Well young lady here is our secret,

We are best friends, we don't keep secrets from each other,we don't lie to each other. we keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. I kiss her every day before I leave for work (she is usually asleep) she texts me every day she loves me. She demands a kiss from me when I come home from work. We balance each other out . We build each other up when the other needs it, we also take each other down a few pegs when each other needs it. We respect each others Hard limits when playing. I always try to treat her with love and respect, she is more than just my wife, she is my Bride, she is the reason I wake up every day.
So thats the secret... Its worked for 13 years and I hope it works till the day I die.
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That's excellent! My wife and I had the same thing until a couple years ago. I didn't catch it in time, but she spent hours a day talking with a good friend of ours and let her heart go to him and left our marriage. Now we're divorced. I realize looking back, that I should have seen the writing on the walls and nipped it in the bud before it was too late. I trusted her and didn't believe anything could happen. Now I'm picking up the pieces of my heart and trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do now?!

Yeah marriage can run off course if we don't pay attention to it. It's not always rosie here we go through our rough spots.

This is beyond cute! Hopefully my husband and I will have similar relationship. Good luck to you guys! Gooshhh it's so nice to read posts like this

Thank you! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful journey

Don't just hope for it, make it intentional! Go after that amazing relationship with him. Check out these:
There is some great information to help keep you on track. Strive to be the everything to him and he'll strive to be the everything to you and every day you'll feel passion forever. I hope you both have an amazing life loving each other.

Im dancing out Of pure joy 4 U guys, celebrating!!! :-) Reading this made my Day;-))))) <3 <3
I hope and believe U R gonna have this with eachother until One Of U pass on:-))))
Long live love!<3

Thank you...

I am a very lucky man to have found her..

I've also been married for 13 years & my husband would never leave the house without kissing me goodbye :) The little things become the big things when looking back.

You truly have found true love. It's really easy for everyone to do this, as it only requires you to give yourself freely and fully to the other. It's only when the other can not do the same that causes the pain. When two people share the love, nothing is impossible


Good replies!

Thank you... They are the truth