I am very happily married. I married my childhood sweetheart. I have had kids out of our marriage and my husband is fine with that. In fact, he encouraged me a few times to get pregnant by black male friends of ours. I am pregnant now and my husband is not the father of my baby.
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This is an interesting experience, similar to what I've "come out' with here on EP.

I started on EP with one intent but quickly, well it took a year, realized experiences such as yours here are more of what my wife and I had need to explore. It has helped!

We would love to learn more, especially the encouragement you mention here or more exact, your willingness. These two emotions, encouragement and willingness seem to either work in harmony or are mutually exclusive to one or the other partners frustration.

For us, it's best surmised as realizing a freedom from guilt that once drove most our arguments. We are who we are and we love each other for that!

May I ask, what drives your willingness?

Love it!!

Wow, I love it!!!

what a wonderful attitude! Lucky guy! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

oh wow nice . My mrs and I have never used protection but she has never got pregnant from any one else and after our last child she got sterilised as we had to face the fact our youngest would need us for the rest of his life and if we go before him my daughter is gonna be his carer she spoils him rotten and all the guys she has been involved with are told he and her are one so if they take her on they take her brother on as well .

You sound like a man writing stories using his big sexual inagination. Sorry

Good for you!

That is wonderful. I also encourage my wife to get pregnant by her black lovers, but so far she hasn't been able to yet. How many of your kids are by men other than your husband, and how many are black?

Great to hear, Four if my kids are by black lovers.

Sounds hot!

so why does he want you to be pregnant by him?

It is so nice to hear of happy relationships!
I am glad you two have each other and have developed a life that you both enjoy.
Happiness to you always!

sounds like your having some fun

Good morning. :-)

How are you doing today?

It sounds like you and your husband are ok with this. Is there a problem? Are the children's father(s) an issue?

Does your husband watch you have sex with other men?