Why am I loving being a submissive wife? Because I am not a man, nor manly in any way. I am a woman...all woman. I love a door being opened for me. I enjoy the honor he gives me as his wife. I enjoy giving the tough choices to my husband who is more comfortable making them. I enjoy the love and protection my dominant man gives me. He would lay down his life for me. I love pleasing him. And I love it when he scoops me into his arms, looks me in the eye, and tells me how blessed he is to call me his wife. I love how blessed I am to have a strong, loving husband who looks at me the same way he did when we met 18 years ago. He enriches me so. He makes me weak in the knees.
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41-45, F
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Blessed indeed

Awwe! Very sweet. All guys love validation, and you just gave your husband a great one!

Thanks. He is well deserving!