Happy As We Can Be

Well I have been with my husband for five years and we got married this past OCtober. We tell people the only reason we got married is because I was knocked up which is a complete lie because we were engage way before that and everyone knows that. We pick on eachother constantly and people always think were ighting but usually not we are just weird. We are not a lovey dovey couple some people say we act like brother and sister always picking at eachother but its just the way we are. We love eachother very much but you know what he gets on my nerves. I get on his too. I know sometimes when I am talking to him he isn't listening and he doesn't like alot of my friends and his jokes get on my nerves. But he makes me smile and when I see him holding our little boy I fall even more in love with him. He works so har for our family and is always trying to make things nice for me. He isn't the romantic type and sometimes I call him an old man but we just work. We have overcome so much and we have been apart and together and we are much better together then either one of us could be apart. We don't have a perfect marriage and were as different as two people can be but if we were perfect and always were in sync I don't guess that be much fun!

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great...good for you ^^

that's really beautiful. I can only say good things to you.