I am, and tired of getting messages from guys that just say hello. Its only now dawning on me that real world social etiquette doesn't apply in this arena, because of all the cyber flashers, and people who are using it as a dating site.
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I'm with you. I wish all the guys who message me with just "Hello" would read this. I am interested in intelligent conversations and if you don't start one with me I have no response and don't know what you are looking for.
I can so understand how hard it can be here for women. I am a pretty and petite trans. girl who is really only interested in females and I will chat with other trans. girls but I'm not here to date guys.

Makes one happy not to be in the dating game. Poor girls/women!

We agree wholeheartedly.We are here for intelligent conversation regardless of the subject. A message that just says Hi gets passed by. The same goes for all the friend requests without messages saying why we should be friends.

I agree with you 100%. My husband is the most wonderful husband anyone could have. I am a psychologist, PsyD, doctor. He is an airline pilot, captain, with American Airlines. One subject I am reluctant to mention now. We do have special friends, both doctors, MD's and their wives. We do share our sexuality with them. Offensive ??? Probably.

Offensive to some perhaps.Our friends in our personal life range from attorneys to mechanics. There are "Class Acts " in all walks of life. I am a middle management dropout who bought a truck and have never looked back. She is European and comes from a family of University Professors. We can easily move between a formal dinner and a red neck barbeque. Our only require an open mind and some class. We understand that some are more comfortable around their peers. We just come from very different backgrounds and enjoy talking with a very diverse group of people.

Thank you for your response. I also teach clinical psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. so I know many of the professors there. Wish you all a good day. Donna

I am also happily married. but when I begin to chat with people especially women I also find the same thing. Many women want a husband they don't want a male friend to only chat with.

No kidding I just want a friend but that's not a good enough experience !

What ever happened to just having a conversation?

It took you that long to realize that most men are pigs?

Yes, know what you mean! Some just say "Hey" or "Hey you" Should always greeting with a name. I rarely answer these. Donna

It is like on my Facebook, I have some adult minded groups, but I never private message for the sake of sexual conversation. I prefer to keep that in the group.

Don't blame you there.... I think its a lack of class and manners...they either didn't have that growing up,,or they're just cads....