Relaxing Sunday

Who said you need money to be happy? Well...i guess sometimes you need some but even from simple things you can find happiness and contentment.
Take for example our last Sunday. It's just a very simple day but i find it very relaxing.
We woke up very late, it was raining hard and very cold so we're too lazy to get up.
Had a nice breakfast, bacons, eggs and sinangag hmm sarap.
Able to attend the sunday afternoon mass after missing last week's mass sorry papa jesus.
Had a nice stroll from church to hougang mall, dami palang umattend na mga pinoy
Ate dinner a.k.a. snack at mcdonalds (chicken mcwings, fries and corn cup). my husband bought hot devil drumlets from kfc. takaw namin hehe may wanton mee pang takeout galing kopitiam.
happyproudmommy happyproudmommy
26-30, F
Sep 28, 2007