I have been writing diary before and now I have forgotten my user name of that Website. I was stuck with my BF and he didn't let me do any other thing other than him. So I stopped coming to net and i forgot the password

Now I'm done with my ex. Actually I was done with him two years ago but he was not done with me. So he kept on stalking me and now after so much time I feel free of him. As a result of all this mess, I'm alone on this Valentines.

I have got the true me BACK!!! So, on this Valentines Day I would like to say WELCOME BACK to my true self. :) Plus I am extremely happy that I'm not in any pain this year. Thank you God so much.

I want to wish valentines to all of those who are alone on this day. Don't be sad, you will have your day when the time will come. Believe me that the best time in the life is when you are free and not dominated by someone else. When someone else doesn't control your life and you can do whatever you want to do. If love means pain, hurt and insult then its better to be alone and content.

Please always make right choices in your life and don't rush after the love. You can't get love by rushing after it. By doing this you will only hurt yourself. Love finds you by itself so just keep smiling and spread love.

Happy Valentines!!

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thanks rhood, a time comes when all tough days pass away, and you feel yourself at a peace. Then no question arises and all you feel is a happiness because you get your old self back.

Dear wynterdreamz<br />
<br />
The only answer to your concerns is that BE STRONG and HAS FAITH.<br />
You don't have them because you are better off with out them. They take care of you for their own interest and make you feel miserable when you need them. They play with your emotions. One thing that I want to share with you that never take the decision of your life under the pressure of someone else or under any type of blackmailing. The time will be tough but eventually it will pass away. <br />
<br />
No tough time remains forever. You will only be esteemed if you will make yourself valuable. So now stop being miserable and start enjoying life. The love will come to you by itself. You can never clinch the love in your fist. If you do that it fades away.

Thank you SO MUCH for reminding me of this! I needed to be reminded. I've been alone for alittle over a year now. I know exactly what you mean about being finished with them but they're not finished with us. I was like an abuser magnet and let me tell ya, none of them were ever finished with me. They still come back now and then, I've had them in fist fights outside my home when I didn't even know they had come looking for me or that they were out there. I've had it with all the madness and control. I was real upset this weekend bc I've got the flu and I just wished I had someone to love and care for me. To help me as I'm so sick. Then I realized, all they'd be doing is making me more miserable! I have stopped looking for love. If it finds me I'll welcome it whole heartedly and if it doesn't???....... So you've got a whole new lease on life! Enjoy it..You deserve to be happy. Congratulations! Here's to a brand new you and an awesome attitude! *Hugz*