The Countdown Has Begun.

Start - 10:45pm

"You're a liar!"
"You take no responsibility for anything around the house!"
"You're cold and unaffectionate!"
"You don't treat me with respect!"
"Everyone tells me you're not right for me!"
"You owe me so much - you're so ungrateful!"
"You are nothing without me!"
"I can't believe how much you get under my's your fault I do and say certain things!"
"I've never been with anyone as uneducated as wonder you're such a loser!"
"You're unsociable - you isolate me from everyone with your sour face!"
"You should decide if you want to be married or not - otherwise you're just wasting my time."
"Even your kid thinks you're making us miserable!"
"I've never been as violent so frequently with anyone as much as I have been with you - that says something!"
"Since I've been with you my life's been going downhill!"
"If you don't smile right now, I'll get into my car right now!"
"You're so stupid, you can't even finish anything you start - you idiot!"
"You're the reason I can't get better, you keep on upsetting me with your mood swings!"
"Where's my tablets - see how you get to me every time!"
"I don't need this sh*t in my life - I deserve someone with at least some level of maturity!"
"You always spoil my good mood with your sour face - you're never happy to see me!"
"You just don't get it - I'm trying to improve you. Do you have any idea how much you embarrass me?"
"That's why people don't stick around in your life - your'e a terrible person to be around all the time!"
"From now on you will be more sensitive to my needs!"
"Your lack of ambition on all levels in your life just ****** me off!"
"If you knew your place in this relationship, I would not have to remind you of it so often!"
"If you start doing things for me with a smile on your face, you'll see our relationship will improve dramatically!"
"You are a bitter, self-righteous, uneducated excuse for a human being!"
"You always blame everybody else for your f*ckups - you'll never run out of people to blame!"
"I can't trust you - I give you all the freedom you need but you keep betraying my trust!"
*cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss, cuss.*
*lament, lament, lament, lament, lament, lament, lament, lament, lament, lament, lament.*
"You don't care about me - nothing I do is good enough for you!"
"No wonder your mother doesn't like you - you're just like her!"
"Your family thinks less of you than you realize!"
"You have no-one left but me, so you better start treating me the way I deserve to be treated!"
"You should realize how fortunate you are to have me in your life!"
"You think more about your boss than you think about me!"
"You are so stingy - you won't even buy me a car after everything I did for you!"
"I can't even get a new laptop out of you - you're so selfish!"
"I give you 48 hours to make up your mind about whether you are going to start being a better wife and mother - stop treating us like a burden!"
"I'm tired now - you'd better get some sleep as well...I'll decide whether you should go to work in the morning."

End - 02:30am

monalisahasbpd monalisahasbpd
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2010