Hiding What I Truly Feel

my friends and family, almost all people that knows me, see me as someone who doesn't care with love and life. but actually i really do, i just feel so weird when i would express myself to people. its just not my type. i have always been like this since i was young. expressing myself seems so hard. what i do before is that i would cut myself whenever i feel angry, but now i don't because some people care for me and they said not to do it and also i made them a promise that i wouldn't do it again. but now, i write poems and qoutes whenever i feel something, i guess its my english and homeroom teacher who have influenced me about this, she told me to keep writing poems and maybe someday ill be known to the world, lol :) but i only know how to write poems and qoutes in english, i dont know how to do it in our language or in our national language, seems so bad but yes.
i want to shout to the world what i really feel inside but i'm afraid that they will all laugh at me, they won't listen and hate me for expressing myself.
im good at giving my friends about their love and life, maybe because of all the books that i have read, i know what to advice to tell them.
iHatshepsut iHatshepsut
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010