My World Of Happiness

i am not special or diffent i have had hard life. My expierences are like many others. I strive to be happy. It been hard to be that way becase of all the obstacles i had to face in the last five years. I am just lookig to meet people and make friends. 4 years ago I had a pacemakerput into my heart  3 months later i had a bladder pacer put in my back. If it could get any worse i am a child bipolar. i am just lookimg to meet new friends and start a new life. I am an outgoing peson who loves life when things are going well. Its hard sometimes t be sick all the time. Right now i am recovering and looking for a job.I haven' worked in 6 years,. I am tired of staying home and not having a life. I want to be the go getter i used to be. Like everyone in this life we theres always something, But i hope to have my hopes up that things will get better. Sorrty to vent but depression has a toll on people and sometimes you just need to talk about. Happinesss something i only dream of.
kettou38 kettou38
36-40, F
Aug 8, 2010