Party Girl


I am like one of those wind-up toys that races around like a lunatic and then when you think that it’s slowed down to stop, you go to move it and it just springs back to life and races round again.


I am the ideal girl to take to a party because I laugh and smile, dance and flirt outrageously and everyone thinks that I’m a bundle of fun and I attract lots of male attention; sometimes I can even fool myself into believing that that is the real me but inside I lack confidence in my own attributes and need constant reassurance and what’s worse I am often crippled by depression. There’s a song that they keep playing on my local radio station and it’s called “We Don’t Cry Out Loud”, and that is how I’ve been except with my long-suffering husband for even most of those very close to me are fooled.


I even originally joined EP to try to pour out the ‘real me’ and that has been part of a healing process; but there are still two faces that I wear and the one that people see is the party girl with the slightly suggestive smile and the infectious laugh. 

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Aug 10, 2010