Back Back Back!

The best news of today, my alligator is back from her vacation. I missed you sweetheart! :-)

Floydian Floydian
26-30, M
22 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Come on tell me what was it about?

Nvm. *shakes head*

New username?

The one about a new username.

Which one that is?

haha. No I was looking for a group I remember you being in. I want to join.

Humm man I have a serious stalker...<br />
<br />
hehe thanks flour :)

I was looking at your started groups. :)

Yeah Hooray for you both!-----Flour!

Hehe, i think i put it up :P<br />
<br />
<br />
where the heck did you find this from after a long time though?

Ummm. Ya know. I just noticed the alligator logo. Did you have this when we were commenting the story?? haha.

:-)<br />
<br />
You have msn? or ym?

Of course!

Hehehe! Better, you buy me a drink?

Awww!! I missed you too! And my head is still the same size as always mister!! (((HUGS)))

Hehe her head is going to go big after she reads all these comments. then I will have to set it straight, ugh work for me!

Nice! :-)<br />
<br />
Shes a sweetheart. :-)

Yeah do so! :-)

Ah yes I remember, add her, she is a sweetheart. She returned from a vacation just now, god I was happy to see her, One of my goofy partners on here! :-)

Awww she is great, I am sure you will love her, she is pretty love able! :-)<br />
<br />
brwneyedbeauty :-)

Hehe now drink reminds me of a happening with the alligator! ;)<br />
<br />
Can you guess who it is? pro'lly you dont know her btw! :-(

Hehe wait for a while! :-)