I awoke this morning, naked. I made a pot of coffee, naked. I started reading my paper, naked, all the while sipping my delicious coffee, naked.

I hopped on the computer, naked, and played some silly games that people always ask me to join, naked. I looked up some music sites on "how to play" songs for my guitar, naked. Then picked up my guitar, naked, and tried out the new songs, fully dressed...........no just kidding, I was naked.

I have nothing important to do today, and darn it, I'm gonna do it, .......naked. I think you get the drift of how my day's going. I hope yours is great too, naked.

MisterNaked MisterNaked
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

You were really happy today :)

i do that most mornings

Great for you. :-)

On most mornings I have to go work, so this is my normal weekend routine.

i do it on work days to . get up, turn computer on then get coffee on and sit in front of my computer with my coffee till its time to get ready for work