It's good to be naked. I wish everyone would feel the same way I do about nudity, or at least in the general ball park with me. I think most people should be naked, most of the time. Simply said.

Clothes bug me. I can feel them. Am I just super sensitive to thing touching me, or does everybody feel the clothes on them at all times? Does everybody else just have the ability to ignore them, because I can't. I always feel my shirts restraining me when I reach for something, and my shorts bunching up into my hips when I sit down. I even feel my socks gripping my ankles.

I'm sitting here at my keyboard now, naked. Feeling nothing but the chair on my butt. Sipping coffee, and eating home grown tomato sandwiches. (yum 2x's) I'm comfortable, and very relaxed. I'm not bothering anyone, nor "showing off' to anyone, I'm not staring at anyone. I'm just happy. :-)

I'm not sexually "turned on", because I'm naked. I've read many "experiences" from young males, and they often equate their nudity with how "hard" they are. Well, they're young, and I was young once too. I know it only takes a gentle breeze to arouse the average young man, but that's not what nudity is to me. Never was really. It's just comfort.

Last night, or early this morning more like, I had the chance to enjoy sitting on my patio in the nude. My mind was so at ease that I could just relax and feel the breeze on my skin, not cloth. I don't want to use the cliches like; "being at one with nature", or "being in touch with my inner self". Those lines make me choke. I just felt normal, and that was great.

I want everybody to lighten up about nudity. It's not that big of deal. In fact, in my thoughts, being clothed is the big deal. Why wear more than you need to? I do hope that in my lifetime, or what I have left, that people will except that their neighbor is mowing his grass in the nude. Yep, I want it that open. Your mother will pick up the paper in the driveway, naked. No one will bat an eye.

Don't get me wrong, there are times, places and needs for clothing. Of course there is, but isn't there more time, places for nudity?

Thanks for reading. Be naked, be happy. :-)
MisterNaked MisterNaked
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4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

I agree; nicely written! You have great perspective on the issue and I appreciate your willingness to share!

The time for nudity is always shorter than I would want. Some few hours... :(

Nicely written...I'll keep hoping for the same! :)

Only way to go. ..