Chill Is My Title

I'm happy on the outside but dying on the inside is partially correct. I wouldn't say I'm dying, but more like I'm hurting. Life is never easy, and I feel like it only gets harder everyday. So much has happened to me these past couple of years. I'm always smiling and saying I'm fine, which I find myself saying every day. One: I don't want everybody to know my buisness, to know all the things that are going on, or have gone one. Two: I don't think people will understand, they may take it as me seeking for attention. My outside self is nowhere near my inside self. on the inside I'm lost and confused, on the outside I'm calm and collected. Im pretty much pretending, and I hate it.
HopeInConstruction HopeInConstruction
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

i understand u in a way its correct but in other way too u r hurtn ur self try talkn to pple u trust abt ur problems ok

im glad Akako. And i know what you mean, im just beggining to see that im not alone on this. Im glad i give you hope and im proud that i reached out to someone. This is something that i know we can overcome. Keep moving on :)

wow, now that literally is like you tool the words right out of my head and wrote it down. It's comforting yet sad to know that people are going through similair things or feel the same as I do. I'm so happy you wrote that Hope, thanks, cuz it gives me hope =)