My Life 2

Hey everyone its Imfakingit again but i lost my old account so i have to use this one. Anyway im here to update. I realized that so far im right my life isn't getting much better. Something that makes me really mad is that the "friends" that i made when my mom died the ones that i kept defending from people calling them fake friends...well i was wrong. Turns out they were fake friends. Even my old friend that i thought was a real friend. Well it seems like she is just another one of those fake friends. Mother's day passed and I guess im ok but that is a response id give to one of them so i'll say the truth i feel awful. I just want to see what happens next. I hate how bad everything going. I just don't want to deal with more stuff because i feel like no matter what i will deal with it alone...MY Life
Imfakingit1 Imfakingit1
13-15, F
May 14, 2012