Crossdressing Trials.

Hiya I like to be called Lilly. I'm 20 years old, and a couple years ago I first felt a sexual urge to the same sex (male). But not all males, I liked the slimmer more feminine ones, and I realized I was Bi-sexual. And I'm totally interested in everything feminine! What totally sucks is I've never had the chance to properly get all dolled up (just too hard in my living situation) >.<

But that is about to change. I CAME OUT! To my best friend (female) and she was so overly accepting and excited about having a shopping partner and she agreed to dress me up! She even wants to dress as a tom boy for the experience! We are going shopping in the coming weeks and then finally when her house is to herself we are just going to have a crossdressing party!

Might post pictures + talk about outcome

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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Oh I love that feeling and rush of acceptance and tantalization of girly shopping trips. I'm so happy for you! Do tell us about it.