I Wear My Friends Heels And Panties Secretly...

I have a lesbian friend who lives right behind my house, we know each other since we were very young.

We hang out very often and most of the time she tells me her lesbian stories and OMG i get really turn on listening to her and she knows it.

Acording to her i'm the only guy she had been with sexually, i remember when we were about 10 years old we used to be on each others house since very early in the morning (summer vacation) and like she is an only child and so am i our houses were always empty and perfect to play.

So just last weekend we were talking and remember all the naughty things we used to do and we both got really turned on so we got into her bedroom and have a little action.

After that she took a shower so i went into her undies drawers and i borrowed some pantyhose and lingerie secretly.

When i was walking out of her house i saw this lovely heels on the porch so i took them too. Then i went to my house and wait till night to dressed with her clothe and get online to have some fun.

Next day i put everything back, and i think she knew i took all that but she didn't really care in fact she likes it.
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Hi Tye here looking for friendship and fun