He's Giving It A Shot!

John Daly was at one time, considered to be one of the best young players the PGA. I don't remember the years, but he won the British open, and again, I don't remember but, one of the majors on the American PGA. And there's probably more.

It's almost natural for me to like him and follow his game as we share the same home state and he went to college 20 miles from my home town...when I was in Highschool, he was in the sports highlights every night, so you couldn't help but know who he was.

He had some major setbacks after his success, which almost destroyed his carrer...this also made the local news as top headlines...it was sad to see! Even when he wasn't playing...he was in the news often, so we never had the chance to forget him, and this is a good thing! When I saw he was going to trry a comeback last year, I got really excited, as he has always been considered to be a long hitter, and accurate at that. I'm just really glad that he's giving it a viable try this season...a rough start...but I feel that when he finds his rhythm, he'll be near unstoppable...

Anyway John...best of luck, and at least I'll be pulling for ya!!!
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 13, 2010