Today's a Good Day So Far

I woke up in a good mood.  I got a good night's sleep after battling insomnia until about 5am.  then woke up at 2 in the afternoon.  which never happens. i have insomnia anyways but i usually go to bed around 4-5 in the morning and am up by 9.  so, i woke up. felt really good. cleaned my apt, cleaned my bestfriends apt upstairs b/c he's out of town and i figured what the heck.  (some ppl are just good to have as friends) haha  and now i am going to get out of the house and buy a charger for my cell phone which is completely dead.  And just see where this day goes.  its a little chilly outside but nothing i can't handle.  I wish i had more days like these.  They are rare to say the least but very very appreciated when they do come around...

OceanicDebris OceanicDebris
31-35, F
Mar 27, 2009