Why Don't People Like Gingers?

I hear loads of jokes and things about people with ginger hair, I don't see what's wrong with people who have ginger hair. I am in love with a girl who has ginger hair and I think she is the most beautiful person in my eyes, it looks better than black or blond or any other colour would on her because the colour goes with her, there's something else i like about her hair I'm not quite sure what it is, I think it's because it's 'bright' maybe.

Anyway yeah I just see ginger as a colour like black or brown or blonde and I don't know why gingers get that much stick (btw I'm dirty blonde hair)
Gh98efc Gh98efc
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Everyone with different hair color makes fun of another.

Blondes are stupid, brunettes are boyish, blacks are scary and gingers have no soul. So regardless of the hair color there is always a hater!

I've never heard anyone say something like that about a brunette or a black :/

I have and theres a lot more :(