I am just like the rest of people who think they have in some way could have been better in my past.  the truth is though,i now know that i wouldnt be who i am now if it hadnt been for what i have done.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and began to let God mold me into what he had so perfectly designed.  When we understand that He does not make junk and our pasts are just stepping stones for our future, it makes us have a sense of pride in ourselves. I am humbled every day when i am able to take that first breath in the morning and look around and see all that i have been so blessed to have and also to reflect on what i have come out of.  i know that it wasnt me all along it was the Father, and without him i could do nothing.  I praise God for testimonies and blessing of others and love to share my own, it just shows how good God really is ans He gets all the Glory.  So no i am not disappointed in who i am but i strive to be all that I know he wants me to be.  Not perfect , just perfectly and devinely made.
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1 Response May 2, 2007

I love this story its very beautiful! It really makes me stop and think. I have been pretty hard on myself lately and I tend to blame myself for everything. This story reminds me that God has his reasons for everything that happens to us even if we don't understand why. It also reminds me to look around and be thankful for what I do have.