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I have not been fully happy in almost a year and some months. I started having to take paxil to stop having suicidal or depressing thoughts. But I know that when I see her face or talk to her on the phone that my ****** day or my troubles that I am worrying about seem to fade away. I know that when she says don’t die it really means be safe . She knows that I like her and that I would do anything for her. But she is simple and realizes that hell I do not want a relationship filled with nothing but sex but a relationship with two people with common interest and each other caring for each other. Some one that will understand that some days I am in such a horrible mood that I want to just forget everything but then I call her on my lunch break and I feel happy. When I am with her I do not think about what I was thinking with my ex Elizabeth but how interesting or wonderful this human being is. Hell today we just talked about alter serving and religion for two hours and I was not bored. It wasn’t my topic of choice but it mattered to me that it mattered to her. I know that does not make sense . I wish she knew how she makes me feel. I told her I like her and she doesn’t say anything but smiles and sends signs and little hints. I do not know what she is saying or meaning but I hope that she likes me back and that she would want to go out.
witheverstepifail witheverstepifail
18-21, M
Aug 8, 2010