Yep, I Am!

A friend told me that she thought that I was always doing things that seem enjoyable and that I was full of happy thoughts. And then it hit me...I AM happy. I haven't always been so but at the moment things are wonderful.

xRocks and I have a good relationship which seems to be growing in different directions from time to time, keeping it interesting.

I have friends here on EP and in real life...and have come to the conclusion that the ones on EP are my best buddies :)

I'm facing most of my fears face on, and not dwelling on things too much.

I feel useful in my family, community and in the wider world...I feel like I have found my place in the world.

My kids are all happy and healthy and I get kisses and cuddles from them every so often.

I like myself!

This hasn't always been the case. And some of you have come along the journey for me. I also know that it won't always be the case either...I'll have crappy periods, but I almost welcome them now because I now know that I'll get through them without falling apart.

(remind me of this story, will ya, when I start to waver)

Isshe Isshe
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Happiness is a choice.

Thanks Jimmy. Thank means a lot to hear you say such kind things about me. Intelligence is one of the things that I struggle to see in myself...not really sure why...and really struggle to see how it is that people can work out that I am intelligent from the stories and comments I leave on EP...just something I puzzle about quite a bit.

Well, my reply only shows that I can also partially put a foot in my mouth, eh?...<br />
I've been around for just over a month and should read up more on people, especially friends. But in the short while I've been here, you came across as an intelligent, down-to-earth woman. Which means you've come a long way.<br />
Admirable. And heartwarming.

Hi Jimmy. suffered from chrontic depression around 18 months ago and it was a real struggle to gain a balanced perspecitve for a long time...those tracks seem like they had vanished. Love and support were certainly an enormous part of finding them and then getting back on them again.

I think that with happiness, a certain level-headedness comes with it. Which again adds to the happiness. Plus, it helps relativate some things. Losing perspective is sometimes easy, but when loved and supported, the right tracks are never far away...

lol...woohoo!<br />
<br />
Let do that again! That was fun!

Hey carpy! Send those feelings back! I need them back!

that was are a very it!!!<br />
<br />
Keep smiling and sharing your uplifting are making someone's day so much better just by being here!

Oh this is a beautiful read, Isshe. I'm so happy to hear about where you're at. You definitely do seem to be a very happy person to me, and you have come a long way in your journey since I met you. Hooray!

Oh oh. I'll be on guard next time you walk in saying 'I've been thinking....'

Watch out xR...this will mean that I will start up all sorts of new and wonderful projects :)

Definitely a good news story. And I'll be dragging you back to it if ever you get down...

Pip, pip! <br />
<br />
And you know what? You have had a lot to do with it GW! xXOo