I Don't Feel The Same Anymore!!

My high school was over past 3 years ago.. but still it left me in dept of frndship, love and career..! my failure in maths consecutively 5 times made a mess of my career beginning.. since i cud nt go to regular college!.. Apart from that many of good frnds left me!. whenever they past by no hi or no generosity.. i made me felt like wanderer!.. i had to take admission in distance education university.. means nobody to hang out with since exms are give frm home itself... And atlast of of my dear frnds whom i liked a lot also dumped me for no good reason..

It has now been a year since i havent thought bout them.. I have a job! i work hard have some good frnds beside me.. and also i love my job! I dont think any more of old frnds or the girl who dumped me..

I have learnt nothng is permanent in this world, frnds come and go, but life doesnt stops, we have to move with it!!
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1 Response Jul 1, 2012

I just love it when someone grows to the next level of maturity! You have a job, you work hard, which means that you have developed a sense of responsibility. You have let go of others who could not or would not stay with you through tough times, which means you value true character in friends. You are right! Life does not stop, and you should continue to dance it at your own tune! Be happy with the life you have! If the people of your past don't want to share it, then it's their loss, not yours!