Such A Small Thing

I sent him a friend request and
he added me as his friend on facebook
I'm so happy I fall on the floor
I shut my eyes and see his face
My heart, I think
won't keep in my chest.
One of his 119 friends
I know this is important only for me
But still...
I'm so happy I never want to die!! <3
Oh thank you world for love!
Toobi Toobi
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 22, 2012

i'm sorry obits you said you had such a small thing are you talking about sex cause i deal with that alot from cosmopoltian and had to remind someone i was not always avabile tonight earlier at 5:17

No I'm just talking about my crush adding me on facebook when I sent him a friend request... How did you understand sex from this?? Get your innocense back.

Thank God for the crush who brightens up someone's day.