I Finally Won A Game

I play Scramble Free on my phone I quite like playing but I always lose I had played over 60 times and lost them all and I usually score about 300 in a round but my wife and other family members get around 600 in one round. So I normally lose really

That was until a young lady Mary who I am friends with wanted to play, the big difference she scored about 100 - 150. Finally I was playing someone who I could beat and it was pretty clear after two rounds I had one but that left me with my last

I thought should I go easy on her, part of my also really wanted just to crush her out of site. That is what happened I went into the round detremind to win big and i got my highest ever score in that game and beat her overall by over 1,000 points.

If Mary H ever reads this I enjoyed
every second of it. Now I have beaten one person on the game I don't care if I don't again.

Not a big deal but I wanted to share it. I have won very few things in my life. Even less so to crush an appoinent without mercy. :)
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Dec 21, 2012