one of the good benefit of joining EP for me was to let myself know that there are many sick and crazy people in this world and i feel happy that i am much better than them :D
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Sick and crazy people are everywhere around you everyday...most will never let you realise it.
The anonymity of ep helps them express themselves freely

Omg! I 'hear ya'! I couldn't believe some of the people's (women) statements & sick ideas that's made it's way across my message board. Lol! U made me laugh w/ this post! Thx, I needed a laugh;-)

Lol, good game.

yes its true all kinds of people her you will encounter and unique in every way too...

here you don't need to go to shrink and met those doc who charge more than you earn ha,ha,ha

Haha true! :)

That's awesome... I just don't know if your better than me though..

thts great to hear.