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On Sunday I asked my friend if she can talk(i didn't have his new number) to this one guy we both know to c if he still likes me. Well today she and her man came over and that guy stopped by. he seem really happy to c me. I know i was. He is still the same and i want to see if he wants to date me. We'll c. i will let you guys know what happens. I'm going to call him tomorrow. I'm going to talk to my friend to see what she says cuz I'm nervous and i don't know how to ask him and he meeting my parents. I know he is going to say yes. So far from what my parents heard about him and saw he is on their good side.
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2007

the good news is not every guy is! I'm definitely not one, and proud of it! dont get discouraged, there's someone awesome out there just waiting to find you :) <br />
by the way, why doesn't facebook have a dislike??

thanks it didn't work out he was a a**hole

Good luck. Just be yourself and have fun. There's no need to be shy either if you know he's going to say yes, is there? Keep us updated on the story.