I Am Not Initiated By Fire Yagna Yet

I am not initiated by Fire yagna yet.

so, i do not know whether i can call myself a Hare Krsna, yet.

my younger brother is a fulltime Saffron clad brahmachari in ISKCON

i am serious to be Krsna conscious, but lack some commitments

like  16 rounds of chanting,  no onion, no garlic, no tea.


any one, similiar to my state of KC. ???



Madhavasevak Madhavasevak
6 Responses Jun 25, 2008

According to me anyone who is serious in lord krishna and follow him is hare krishna .There are many ppl out there who cannot be intiated by fire yagna ...but still they must be having divine experience with god...its all about your heart ,i am one of those . If u cannot find your guru..in person then find guru in lord krishna .

please understand that finding a guru is very very important and trust me if you are sincere Krishna will send you to a guru, just please be patient! It took me 18 years to find my guru and to be honest I had given up but my Guru told me the importance of having a guru, after all it is a very personal belief so there must be the personal touch! If your guru passes away then you must find a siksa guru for guidence so really we never stop searching! In the Bhagavad Gita it clearly says "because he has seen the truth" so please don't think your guru doesn't need to be pure! Srila Prabhupada clearly states this in the purport (BG 4.34), so if someone tries to tell you anything different just read the verse and purport again, it's crystal clear, it doesn't say join an organisation it says it in the singular, which means there has to be an element of judgement on your part, very personal indeed!<br />
Good luck Radhe Radhe

life is struggle after struggle. where does it end. who is behind all this. its us, our karma haunts us in the form of trouble of life. living life for god is what its all about. its fun and it has mellows but it cannot be found elsewhere. lord krsna says he is the reservoir of all pleasure. how nice it is for those who are in golok vrndavan they are having the time of their life. they have everything beauty, power, wisdom, strength. everything u can imagine. they have parties. they get to dressup nice close. always just enjoyment. WOW. when will u take me there lord krsna. any day soon i hope so or else u r finished. who can finish krsna. he is eternal, full of beauty- irristible beauty that gives u goosebumps. he is so sexsy he smells good, he looks good, he is so powerful its not funny- just look at the things around he has created everything. its shocking man. that is enough for today i have to go cook some nice prasadam for lord krsna. take care everyone

to xpsychonautx;<br />
your comment moved me deeply-that kinda crazy is not important,behind it I can sense a real loving person no matter what anyone says.I have heard the kinda of crazy hitting the truth more tha anyone else!

I am hare krishna<br />
not inniated by fire,20 years of tempel experience,"doing<br />
everything God has forbidden"and yet feeling strongly <br />
a deep heartfelt desire to b close to and related and connected to that sacred chamber in your heart where<br />
conditions are of no consequence-only love and intensions count,wether they are realized or not.All I know Is you have to pass through the realm of forgiveniss

I was a devotee for a while there but now have my doubts.Dont get me wrong the philosophy makes way too much sense to disregard but one thing is the whole rtvik/guru schism - that stuff had me going psychotic ready to cut people tongues out and crap.But I am kinda crazy anyway ... and lazy ... and you know what Srila Prabhupada said about guys like me.