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I'm extremely happy and extremely married.

There isn't another woman on the planet I would want to be with. I love my Wife with my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit.I love it when we click together.  We finish each others sentences and seem to know what the other is thinking.
We have been together for a long time.  We dated for what Some may say would say was to short of time  before we got married.  She is patient and understanding.  Good things come to those who wait so if searching for that special one be patient . She is my best friend, great companion, excellent lover, trusted confidant and soul mate.

We have had our difficult times. There have been times, for both of us, when our feelings toward each other have been anything but loving, however, 20 years ago we both made the decision and commitment to love each other, support each other and always put the other person before ourselves. That, I beleive, is the key...a happy marriage is not about the "warm and fuzzy" which is also very nice . A happy marriage requires selflessness (on both parts) and hard work.

I am very happily married.  
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Good for you! that is so nice to hear that someone is happily married. it gives me hope.