There was a time when I thought they at least liked me but over the past couple of months nearing a year now I know that I was wrong, everyday I'm in my room crying because when I try to stay downstairs with the rest of the family I somehow always end up doing something wrong and then they all take turns in laughing and insulting me, then they get angry and start comparing me to my younger siblings, it's not that my family is thick skinned and making fun of each other is normal. They only do it to me, meanwhile I try to get their approval I make good grades and I don't get arrested or pulled over by the police. I've been called names multiple times, their favourites are; useless, stupid, wicked, fat, evil, garbage. My father was once asked if he loved one of his kids best (he has three me and my two brothers) he said, off course I love my boys better after all I didn't want a girl. I was about to walk into the room before I heard this and I just decided to go back upstairs. I've heard my parent talk about me a lot. Most of the time they want to disown me or they talk about how much I annoy them and how they should send me away and many other things like that. I try to spend time with them but they only tell me to go away when I ask them questions they ignore me, I barley ever ask them to buy me things when I do I'm asking for nessecities because I may have outgrown some clothes and they say if you weren't do fat you wouldn't look disgusting in all of your clothes. I've been told to never go out without makeup on. Whenever there are guests I'm told to go upstairs and remain there till the guest leaves but my brothers can so whatever they want. Whenever they're out of town and I have to look after my brothers they call on the phone and speak to me for a total of 2 minutes then they'll speak to my brothers for 20-25minutes each and say I love you to them, they have never told me they lived me, not even when I say it first if I say it they'll pretend they didn't hear so I'll repeat it louder and they'll tell me to shut up and stop being so loud if I tell them in phone they will hang up. I remember when I was 7 and I got at right a's and one c on my report card. My dad said I wouldn't go on holiday with them even though my brother got 5 c's I cried then and every day for the past couple of months I've cried because of them I don't know what I've done to make then hate me so much I'm never happy and I'm aware I look disgusting in all my clothes that's why I buy baggy clothes I know my face is horrible to look at, that's why I don't go outside I've done everything to try and get them to like me but it all ends in vain. I simply don't know what else to do.
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16-17, F
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If they don't love you for who you are, then it's their loss not yours. Don't waste your time wondering why they are so hateful, get a job and move out.