Blood Sport

Since when did defense of friends become a blood sport, spilling onto whatever happens to be around; since when did defending truth come with a shade of darkness? This is still America; we are still dealing with civilized parts of the world. Since when did loving another human being become a crime worthy of public ostracism; since when did loyalty become a four letter word? Since when did standing by someone mean seeing with blinded eyes; when did unconditional love become the absolute oxymoron?

Too much in life we find ourselves on the outside looking in; too many times we find ourselves on the fringe; when did it become OK to hate innocent ideas. When did it become OK to hate a difference in trivial points of view on simple issues? When did it become about pleasing the masses and tossing the weaker ones away? 

Even here i find myself hated by too many; even here i find myself a target of others blood sport. Even here i find injustice heaped upon injustice for the people that i love. Even here i find myself betrayed; even here i find myself alone. Even here they eat their own.        


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Tulick nothing we say is going to change your mind...and that's ok. Just understand that those of us that have been around a long time and watched all this arent going to change ours either.

Short of sitting next to her while she typed I doubt anything presented would be considered proof in your eyes.

Unfortunately perhaps but everything you, me or anyone does on the internet can be tracked and golly it isnt that hard to do. Not sure that is necessairly good...but truth it is regardless.

marji read the comments above before you comment the reference to "crying wolf" was in responce to something Lexus said 4 comments above

stalking you thats a serious accusation not to be made lightly and don't flatter yourself

and i don't care howmnsy people recomend or don't recomend my stories thats not why i put them here

and CrippleCrow- it can be made to LOOK like something came from the same IP adress

as for the writing style that happens when she is extreamly tired or upset

you also find mixtures of text speak in her writing if she is busy or doesn't really feel like talking

Lexus I won't call you a liar until i see evidence that you are but that doesn't mean the information you have or ep thinks it has is necisarrliy accurate

someone could have made it look like it was comming from one computer someone with a grudge against her perhaps- and i'm fairley sure you would need a farensic computer specialist to detect that- something ep probably doesn't have

they also could have made it look like she had multiple profiles

thats what makes the whole multiple proflie thing so supicious to me that and the fact that their were others saying that me and her were the same person which i knew wasn't true

Even you thought the message that said her account had been suspended might be fake and still others that were sure it was

and i say to them (NOT YOU ) until they get better instincts or better powers of reasoning perhaps they shoulld keep their comments to themselves

and i cannot for the life of me understand all the fear of what she might do that i find here did it ever occur to anyone that she just needed to TALK about what she was feeling that she needed one simple reason to keep going and THAT'S ALL and that TALKING does not = DOING

and it isn't "crying wolf" if you feel that way regardless of whether you do anything or not

this is the same problem i have with others saying she is just seeking attention, playing it up, faking it there is a difference between seeking attention in that way and needing attention and i challenge anyone who reads this to go through half of what she has as young as she is and come out as sane as she is

CrippleCrow i did not attck thatsnotme or amala mearly punched holes in their arguments thatsnotme was puting out the idea of multiple profiles and pretty much saying that the sex experines in bunny's profile were the reason she was being harrassed which happened regardless of whether they were there are not and as i pointed out does not give 40+ year olds the right to go trolling after 18 year olds

Tulick it was all one computer, the one she was on herself. She was spinning the drama up all on her own and then crying out for help with something that in fact wasnt even "really" happening.

The one guy involved that was real I do believe is still around on EP. I felt especially bad over it as I had basically introduced the two of them. They were the same age and I thought they might could be good friends to each other. I felt responsible for the beating he was taking in that story...and it broke my heart.

Cannot tell you how I know without permission from them..I just assure you that I do.

I have been around EP a pretty long time and I am fairly confident that you can ask anyone you choose and they will tell you I dont lie, I dont make things up...

None of this makes her a bad person, I just made one example of why many of us grew very annoyed and frustrated.

We worried, we sat up nights trying to talk her through her problems...feared going to bed because she might go through with one of her slef harming threats..until she became very much the "boy that cried wolf"

I still worry for her...

CrippleCrow you told me to shut the (blank) up and said that i was "like the only one who belives her" i think that says all i need to know about your opinion of me not that i care one way or the other

and if ep was going to break their usual policy of not commenting on members status anyway they should have included what terms of service she was in vilation of both as a reminder and warning to other members but also as not to scare others about their activity on this site but thats up to them

no i am not her lawyer but i am her voice of defence as long as she has none on this site until i am shown proof of her misdeads, or discover them myself- because thats what good friends do

Lexus- just because all of the guys supposedly upsetting her were from 1 computer doesn't mean she knew that or that it wasn't someone other than her playing a sick joke or trying to scare her

and i'm interested in how you found that out unless you are an ep staff member

and i will elaberate on one of my origanal comments those peoople who this is amied at know who they are or can guess if you have no clue what i'm talking about it doesn't apply to you

also this was written less about me or about her and far more about the bigger issue that the things mentioned are happening on a smaller scale all over the site- and no matter who she was or that she posted the story or not NO ONE, NO ONE should be treated that way.

I shouldnt but...

Tulick I will tell the one that got me...there were many but this one stuck in my craw.

Sometime back (some may remember) there was a story posted by (a guy) about how much he loved her and several (other guys) chimed in turning the story into a hurtful battle between these (guys) fighting over her "love".

I tried to help her deal with the issue as she cried out how it was upsetting her.

Turns out...all but one of the (guys) were coming from the same IP address...the same computer...

Do the math.

I spent half my night trying to help someone who was just playing games to get attention.

JMHO but that isnt about sharing thoughts and emotions on an online community. That is something far different.

And Tukick I really doubt anyone hated you, I certainly dont. I just felt and imagine others do as well that you didnt understand the situation.

Defense of friends is noble and to be admired.


Well hello all.

Tulick, You were a great friend to Bunny and I agree that she was lucky to have you in her circle. I don't think people hate you here. It is hard to get everyone to like you, in fact it is impossible. Sometimes you just have to walk away from a fight on this site. Even if you are right.

D2L I agree with your comment about not being able to share your true thoughts and feelings on this site. We can share most anything as long as we don't go against the grain. I have stopped posting some of the things I use to post and I stop and think to many times before I comment.

I also don't comment many times now when I feel there is something that should be said.. EP has become a site where I come to cut up, make jokes and converse with friends. For me it has completely changed from the EP I use to love so much.

I don't know what was going on with the bunny issue.

I know that she begged for attention and many times brought many down with her constant "I hate everything" type of posts. I doubt that that has anything to do with why she is gone. There were many rumors that I chose to ignore because I didn't care. I simply ignored her stories of gloom and doom. I really wish EP meant the same to me that it use to 6 months ago when I was a new member.


I sure someone like you. I don't think the world hate you too.

alma let me type this in large letters so you are sure to see it- WHEN I WROTE THIS I NEVER MEANT YOU i never meant to attack you onlt to point out POSSIBLE misteps when commenting on that story- see my responce to your comment on your story

those people of which i speak know who they are or can guess also it was never all about me the other person enfolded into the sotry though not named probably can also be guessed

it is also a story about larger principles in that i have seen in my however short a time here people leave ep for the kinds of things detailed above

dyin2live THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being another voice of reason

qft35 the right to speak our minds does apply to all of us but there is a difference between speaking your mind and being nasty and mean

Tulick honey I too see what you see, and it leaves me very sad. This place should be a refuge where we can all speak the things on our minds...the darkest as well as the lightest, without fear of being attacked or judged. Personally I have been hiding my personal thoughts here lately and coming on less and less as I have not felt strong enough to withstand the attacks that would undoubtedly come. As I do not agree with the vocal majority on some issues, I do not feel safe in expressing my personal thoughts.

What we have to remember is that everyone here is, at their most basic, simply human. We are all subject to falling prey to the same dark sides to our human natures. It is sad to see when those dark sides are brought out en masse, but please do not let it pull you down.

Amala, I truly do not wish to start anything so please take my observation as simply that--an observation. This site is founded on the idea that we can all speak the thoughts on our minds, ideally without judgement. Tulick spoke what was on her heart at the time and I have to wonder why your first response was to tell her she was "wrong" for feeling the way she does? That is a rhetorical question--you do not need to answer. I was simply making an observation.

Of course, as I write my own opinion I do so with great trepidation as I am sure there will be backlash. I hope there will not be, as these opinions are simply my own...