I Am Hated By Social Workers and There Friends.

i was  in foster care in the UK  from 1976 -1991 and   received  my  care  report on me  which gives me details  of  my  parents   who i never  knew in in 1989  when i went  back  years later  for  my care report  again  what  i expected  was   never  passed to me  they had in-fact  rewritten my  care report  and  changed the reality things  to  things that made  they  feel better after  i nearly  went  with a  heart attack i m  left  with nothing  no family  no care report nothing. while they have  every bit  of me  that  ever  was  .Who  did this  well  Hampshire  social  services   did . that  and  the  Rubbish that  never went to the  tip.

jumpsat jumpsat
Jul 19, 2008