Am Hated Every Were I Go

I am hated at school, all the ghetto people despise me, they call me emo, a freak, a loser.

Even my friends berly like me they ignore me they treat me like im a slave a freak i dontk know why i call them friends.

Even when i come home i get yelled at for no reasons, i get made fun of by my siblings and neighbors.

No one likes me..... i am hated by many, i feel as if im hated by all.

But i dont know what to do im not going to change to fit in.

Im a misfit, an individual  ive been taged as the emo girl, i dont mind about that.

I have anger problems i just cant take it, im not like other people and just dont care all the time.

XxbeautifuldisasterxX XxbeautifuldisasterxX
13-15, F
Feb 16, 2010