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my mother worked for an old nursing sister, a fantastic character.. we were talking about the change in attitudes since the war.. this is her story.. ill put it into her own words...

On my ward, we had a distraught young woman in labour, it was early labour brought on by the shock of hearing that her beloved husband had been shot down in his aeroplane, and  was killed..we didnt hold out much hope for this poor baby, but there was a chance if it was a strong one...In another bed, we had a seventeen yr olg girl who had been "caught".... got carried away once, and her boyfriend was in the forces.She was living in London doing war work, and had somehow kept this news from her family which was no mean feat, baby was to be adopted, her life would be utterly ruined otherwise.. Well here is my confession, that i did with love in my heart and the best intentions for everybody...Woman A, her baby girl was sadly destined to live just three minutes, silently she came into the world, silently  she left..The mother was too distraught to know what was happening, in her grief..Woman B  gave birth to a lusty, strong healthy boy. Again , she didnt look as she was giving him up, so had hardened her heart... you can guess...I. in my authority, and with full agreement of my team, swapped babies. Giving the widow a bouncing baby boy, a "reminder" of her husband, and the reason to carry on, and givingnthe young girl, the escape from a lifetime of guilt,regret and wondering if her child was happy.. she could then hold :her: baby, mourn, heal and start again.Thats my story, and ill be happy to relate it at the pearly gates too, because i still think i did the right thing.........

The imagery of this story has never left me, the "simple" act of swapping.... i truly think she did the right thing, i really do..would love your opinion....The lady has died now, but i can imagine her "up there".. stating her reasons, and being an old style matron...God cowering and saying.."Oh just come in.. will you!!"
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During the age where it was such a "sin" to have a child unmarried I think in this circumstance she did the best thing for all who were involved. Most forced adoptions do end with guilt and wonder about their child. The tragic loss of a child is hard for anyone to take especially when the woman's husband died in war. Maybe that is the reason god took the one's child to heaven at that hospital and on that day. So the girl who's child was going to be forced into an adoption could be spared the agony she otherwise would have endured and those who forced the adoption could be spared the resentment from her because she will never forgive them.

I cannot judge on this and wouldn't know what I'd do in that situation.<br />
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But I think, under the circumstances, the best chance was given to that baby and the girl learned a very important life lesson. Exceptional circumstances demand exceptional decisions.<br />
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Today, that nurse would never nurse again - but that's not to say that at that moment in time, the compassion she felt for each - and what she did, was wrong.

That was wrong in so many ways.....

i never knew how it turned out, but i like to think it worked well for them all x