My Haunted Home

I live in an old house that has many spirits residing within.  When we first bought the house twenty-odd years ago we experienced an alarming number of inexplicable occurrences and we weren't sure that we would be able to put up with it all.  On the very first night we slept at the house my husband woke to hear what sounded like a crowd of people shouting and stamping downstairs in the Great Room.  We had an au pair at the time and he thought she'd left the TV on so he went downstairs to turn it off.  When he opened the door to the Great Room the noise immediately stopped and the room was in darkness; no TV, no people.

A few days later my husband and I went out for the evening, leaving the au pair to look after our three year old son, Jack.  The au pair was watching TV in the small sitting room down the hall from Jack's bedroom but she had her back to the door.  The door kept closing on its own so she wedged it open with her shoe and continued watching TV.  The door closed again and her shoe had been carefully placed to one side of the doorway.  As she noticed this, Jack started to scream from his room.  Claire ran down the hallway to find Jack sitting up in bed, pointing at the corner of his room and babbling something about a baby in a basket but there was nothing there.  Claire described the atmosphere as being 'heavy' so she picked Jack up and carried him down the corridor with this 'heavy' feeling following close behind.  They hurried downstairs to the kitchen and once they passed through the kitchen door the 'presence' stopped in the hallway.  She closed the door and remained in the kitchen with Jack until my husband and I got home.

We have witnessed wall lights literally flying off the drawing room walls.  There is a little girl in a Victorian costume who is sometimes staring out of the round window at the top of the stairs and two people who walk arm-in-arm through the herb garden late on summer evenings.  We actually contacted the previous owners and asked them point blank if the house was haunted and they proceeded to list all the ghosts they knew about, including some we had not, at that point, witnessed.

From that point forward we made a point of talking to the ghosts, reassuring them that we were not there to dismiss them, that we understood that it was their house as much as ours.  The incidents never stopped completely but since then we have certainly learned to live with the occasional disturbance.  In fact, last night, I awoke at around 3.30 and I thought it was the rain and wind that disturbed me until I noticed a very faint shadow by the side of the wardrobe.  I immediately switched on the light (my husband is away at the moment and I'm home alone) and for just a fraction of a second I quite clearly saw a woman standing there, just staring at me, before she vanished.  It was like switching off a light bulb.  She was there and then she was gone.  I didn't even have time to see what she really looked like but she was tall and slim and wearing a green low-cut dress with some kind of short cape.  Never seen that one before!  I said a few reassuring words, turned out the light and lay awake for a while, wondering if she'd reappear, but the house remained silent for the rest of the night (except for the bloody awful rain rattling against the windows).
BarmyCow BarmyCow
51-55, F
May 8, 2012