Acceptance Into The Gynarchy Society

My name is Chastity and I have been chosen to be the spokesperson for the sissy wives of Utehke. I will explain what and where Utehke is, but first, I am required and must tell you who I am and why I have been chosen to speak for my sissy sisters. My sissy sisters and I serve as total submissive to our Supreme Species Wives and Mistresses in a totally Gynarchy community, that is almost completely shut off from mainstream society. It is a small island of the east coast of Illinois. For years it was deserted and vacant. It had been Native American territory at one time and the Sovereignty of Iroquoian of the Wyandot/Huron tribe reclaimed the land. It laid vacant and desolate for decades until my Wife and Her Sisters created a paradise for the Their Gynarchy community. It is now a private gated community of 30 homes. The Women run and police the community and run the households. The woMen, we sissy housewife/husbands, maintain the house, care for the children and serve the needs of our Wives. All of us, are named Chastity, because we are either caged or castrated. We have no rights and we are not allowed to vote. We all belong to the same church and religion, the Church of the Goddess of Enlightenment, where we attend services two days each week. The woMen are kept in chastity cages until the Wife is satisfied with procreation. After that, the sissy housewife/husband is castrated and the sinful testes are burned at the altar of the Goddess.

My Wife, Clarisse and I met in college and were married shortly after graduation. My Wife is a full blooded Iroquoian, while I was a mixed breed Anglo. Shortly after our marriage, we both secured jobs. Clarisse as a flight attendant and I as an accountant. Clarisse was always a very confident and assertive Woman. On the other had, I was more shy and reserved. Unfortunately, six months into my employment, the firm that I worked for was bought out and I was left with a job. While I searched for employment, I found nothing. During that time, Clarisse had gotten pregnant. This was not an anticipated pregnancy and it upset Clarisse. She became even more upset when She was informed that She was carrying twins. It was at that point, that I became the caretaker and housekeeper of our apartment. And it was then, that my sissification and feminization began. Our relationship, which seemed to cool after our marriage and got more distant after I carelessly impregnated Clarisse, now became one of Her Dominance over me. I was required to wait upon Her hand and foot. One night I joked about being Her personal valet and butler. That was when She corrected me. “You are my hand maiden and you will be my hand maiden from now on.”

It struck me as an odd comment. But, it was not odd at all. After, the twins were born (a Girl named Morgan and a boy named Marley), Clarisse went back to work as a flight attendant. It was my job to take care of the infants and do the housekeeping. Clarisse would be gone for 3-4 days each week. It made for long days and very short nights. One night when Clarisse arrived home, I was sitting at the kitchen table, literally sobbing. I felt like I was running in circles. Clarisse had no compassion. She wanted Her wine and Her foot massage now. I tried to tell Her how tired I was and She cut me off.... “I could care less of your problems. I want wine and massage now.” Dutifully, I scampered off to get Her wine and returning knelt at Her feet and began massaging Her stockinged feet. As I rubbed and kneaded Her tired feet, She patted my head in a very patronizing manner and said, “You have become so domesticated. Look how clean and tidy this place is. You have become such a good little housewife.” I could feel the testosterone slowly drifting from my body. “Well”, She continued, “If you are going to be a housewife, perhaps you should start dressing like one.” Before, I can say anything, She added, “I think tomorrow we shall start dressing you more appropriately as a housewife. Maybe then you won’t cry when you have such pretty clothes on. And if you do cry, then you will be dressed like the sissy housewife/husband you are”.

That night after I had clean the kitchen after dinner, bathe the babies, drew Her bath, did some laundry and gave Clarisse a pedicure, She led me to the bedroom. “Now my little housewife/husband will be rewarded for his hard day.” The smile that came across my face quickly left, when Clarisse handed me a deep red satin babydoll set from Her dresser. “You will wear these to bed from now on. Do you understand, sweetie?” I tried to voice my objection, but Clarisse put Her index finger to my lips. “Hush”, she said. “This is more appropriate for a little sissy housewife/husband like you to be wearing. Now, go in the bathroom, get yourself all pretty for me and come back to bed. You will eat my ***** and then I will f#ck you, like you have never been f#cked before”.

I went into the bathroom and changed from my jeans and t-shirt into the babydolls, including the matching satin panties trimmed in black lace. I also covered my body with a sweet floral smelling body lotion that Clarisse had given me to apply. I took a condom from the medicine cabinet and sheepishly returned to the bedroom. Seeing me in the babydolls with the condom in my hand, Clarisse, already in bed, smiled and said, “Sweetie, you won’t need that tonight.”

I climbed into bed and attempted to kiss Her thinking that foreplay would be nice. She stopped me and ordered me to begin to eat Her *****. I slid down the bed, got between her thighs and started to tongue Her *****. I worked and licked Her for over a half hour. She got wet but did not ******. Finally, She pushed my head away from Her legs and shouted, “Stop”. She got out of bed, left the bedroom and returned a few minutes later. In the dim light of the hallway, I could see that She was naked except for a strap-on that She had put on. There was a very sinister smile on Her face as approached the bed. All I could do was utter, “Oh God no”, as I pulled the sheet over my goosebump covered body. Clarisse just continued to come toward the bed and said, “you say no, but look at you sissy, you know this is what you want. Now get those panties off and get those legs in the air sweetie”.

Clarisse was right. As I removed my panties, it was very apparent that I was aroused. After, I laid back on the bed, Clarisse, pulled the sheet back, slapped my erect penis, causing me to yelp, pushed my babydolls up and began to lubricate my “sissy *****”. I tried to protest, but nothing would come from my mouth, except “oos” and “ahs” as Her fingers went deeper inside me. Suddenly, She removed Her fingers, sidled up to my chest and placed the rubber head of the ***** on my lips. “Suck it ****”, She commanded in a stern, almost hostile tone. As if on cue, I opened my mouth and let the rubber head into my mouth. She pushed forward and automatically, I began to suck the *****. When Clarisse was satisfied, She slid down my body, pushed my legs up and in one motion entered my “sissy *****” and deflowered me. With tears in my eyes, I softly moaned as Clarisse pumped me repeatedly until She was satisfied that I had enough. I knew there was so much more to come. And I was not wrong.
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I know how he feels, my late wife did the same to me often.

I call bullshit.

love this story, i hope it is true

Oh how wonderful for you sweetie, I do hope you go out of your way to make her happy and be a good wifey for her. How I would love to live on that island in service to a Superior Female! Oh my, I just certainly would.

I loved your story

There is an aspect of this system that I find delightfully interesting. The Female keeps the male in an undignified state while she remains dignified and imposes her will on the male. Even better is that what she does with the male gives him the greatest pleasure he knows.

I forgaot to give you the link where it is.

There are other such communities, <br />
<br />
Location<br />
<br />
We are currently looking for land in the southeastern United States. North Carolina and north Florida are some areas of interest.We are looking for affordable land with alot of privacy and that is within an hour driving distance to a city so that people can find jobs initially. <br />
<br />
Core Values <br />
<br />
<br />
1) We come together as a circle of diverse individuals, committed to nourishing ourselves, others, and this planet through a simple, sustainable lifestyle which incorporates and celebrates life, love, play, learning, multi-cultural ex<x>pression, spiritual growth, matriarchy and female authority.<br />
2) We honor the inherent dignity and worth of all life and of all people. No one is useless and we believe that everyone has individual skills that could help the community in some way.<br />
3) We believe that a male is better off with the loving guidance of a Female in his life.<br />
4) We believe in harmony. When a proper balance exists between the independence of the individual and the interdependence of the community, each serves to enhance and complement the other. While we choose to live in a cooperative community, caring for and supporting each other's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, we each take primary responsibility for our own actions and needs.<br />
5) We believe in discussing problems. Conflict solutions generated through cooperation and mutual creativity often transcend solutions generated by any single person. Residents may bring any conflicts to the "Wise Woman Council" to mediate..<br />
6) Decision making power is earned by active participation in the shared life of the community. The Wise Woman Council makes the decisions but males will have a way to give their feedback via written suggestion forms or by discussing it with their wife, girlfriend or closest female friend and asking her to consider giving voice to his suggestions or concerns. <br />
7) We believe in living in tune with nature as best as we can. Sustainability, permaculture, conservation, and alternative energies and ways of thinking are encouraged. We believe that we should live in respect with the land and one another.<br />
8) Sustaining individual involvement in the community by everyone showing their talents and energies in the spirit of active commitment to the community. We want to recognize everybody's individual talents and make use of them where needed.<br />
9) We believe that every woman should be treated like a Goddess by the male in her life.<br />
<br />
GOALS: <br />
<br />
1) To make conscious our connection to Spirit and Earth and our interdependence with the web of all life; <br />
2) To facilitate the transition toward a life of elegant simplicity<br />
3) To nurture an increasingly abundant world by enhancing living systems while reducing consumption of resources; <br />
4) To foster the lifelong learning and growth of every community member<br />
5) To preserve any landholdings through proper stewardship, designated wilderness areas and ecologically sound use of our resources; <br />
6) To create a learning center that serves as a living demonstration of our beliefs. It can house everyone's books, videos, and also be a place to hold classes and workshops.<br />
7) Envision a positive restorative future and develop the skills needed to create it; <br />
9) Serve and reach out to the local and global community, encouraging spiritual and cultural diversity and other forms of creative ex<x>pression while providing a sense of inclusion, integration and celebration through responsible community activities; <br />
10) Encourage the growth and support of our village.<br />
11) Encourage the establishment of member owned and managed ecologically sound businesses; <br />
12) Actively support the intentional communities, permaculture and land reform movements as we are able. <br />
13) To try to live sustainably. Ideally growing our own food on our land and/or buying organic food and recycling as much as we can so as to sustain the planet and ourselves.<br />
14) To strive for matriarchy and to be matrilineal. For example, males would be encouraged to take on the last name of their wife and for finances to be managed by the female of the household.<br />
15) To encourage strong confident Females and to encourage a supporting Sisterhood among Women.

if this is a real story i would really like to here more about you. Mistress and i have sme issues with freinds and family that do not accept our type of relashions and we are looking for something like this community


If I ever end up divorcing, I will move there and find a wife!

No you'll become the wife, be put on hormones, and be totally femininiz.