This Lady Cross the Hall Sinks

Mabe you have a idea I can not think  of in thing else.

This has been going on for a year . I have told the manger about this.

But it seems he said he work on it.

She goes back of the garage and pees.

Her house where she let the dog pee in her house and poop and she drinks most of the time . And pees on the chairs that we sit on down stair.

And she pees all over her self and can not feel it. She STINKS  and the land load tells her she is going to kick her out and then she has clean from some one.

They have to wear mask and gloves and it is get all over the building and we all are getting sick and I don't know.

Every one is move out.

Please can you help to solve this promblem

I can not move don't have the money.

Thank you for reading this.


lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
Feb 25, 2009