Burt And Hal

I'm feeling hopeless with all my dreams. Feeling pessimist, again.. While I'm trying to get over with this awkward feeling, I heard Daniel Powter's bad day song twice on the radio. And it made me feel more that I'm having a bad day.

Good thing, I heard Close to You after that bad day song. It somehow relieved the burden deep down inside.

That song is so lovely especially with Karen Carpenter's voice. Thanks to the composers of the song, I admire them.
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5 Responses Aug 11, 2010

momma's going to be a good business woman. you have so many businesses out there. you want me to help you? but I'll get all the profit. mwahaha! I'll give you a fare to PR, that will be enough for you.

when u go to a hotel u will usually have the compliment of soft drink hehhehe... we're doing business with compliments hon! hehehe that's an answer for your offer of more bloody heads! (O_O)=>

and thanks for the compliments. (are you serious with those compliments? or you want more bloody heads?) ^^,

on the day i wrote this one, i was not feeling well. and there it goes, the virus had the chance to attack me. <br />
<br />
(++) sick-sick-sick (++)<br />
<br />
love you mom. thanks for caring.. ^^,

hey hon, u are still young! you're a hardworking person though and pretty intelligent, so just take a rest hon, and the bad feeling will go... wish i could add my hours to your sleeping hours ^^,<br />
<br />
love you princess!! *hugssss*