I Had a Bad Day.

This morning I went to school.  I was in my 1st period class and we had a lab today.  So we all go in there and the teacher walk around the room and show everyone what we get for our Science Fair Project.  I got a really bad grade and that grade is going to count 20% of my 3rd nine week grade.  My teacher made me go in back in the room to fix up my problems, and I was totally okay.  But then my closest friend, Regina came in and asked how I felt so I got all sad and tears come to my eyes, because she was soo sweet in how she asked me.  The teacher came in too and she said, "It's okay you can fix it this weekend and you'll get your grade back, I hate giving out bad grades."  I like my teacher she's really sweet.  I just realized how one can feel down, but loved, when treated so nicely. I love my friend, she's the sweetest girl ever!!

But my day got better as it went by.  I went to my 2nd period class and I took a test, and it was easy.  Even better, I went to my Chemistry class next, and my teacher gave back the test we took yesterday, and I made a 97 on it.  Then I went to my Math class, my teacher also gave back test we took yesterday, and I didn't do as good as I expected.  The other classes nothing happened.  I went to my last class, Art, and my print making worked out super fine :]  Right after school I went to Regina's house for her brother b-day.  We went to bolling place.  And it was my first time playing and I was really good :P  I ate a bunch of stuff and now I just got home and write this :) 

So yea...My day stared off bad, in the end it was good, but I still feel really sad over that grade for science fair, if it was only a test grade I wouldn't mind, but it counts 20% of my whole grade.  I have 92 in Biology right now w/o the science fair grade, if my science fair grade is added it will be like 77.  I glad that my teacher is helping me out.  I want to thank Regina for being there, she's an amazing person.

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

YOU should be very proud of yourself. Not a lot of people care about their grades they way you do. And you are lucky to have such a good friend like Regina and go to a school with loving caring teachers. I hope you have many wonderful days ahead of you.