Just Fed Up With Things......

....and a series of bad days.

Work has been a hellish pain in the ***, granted, a lot of it has been me forcing myself to lose the winter poundage by sweating my *** off and working myself much harder than usual.  But I'm reaching a breaking point mentally.

The group of idiots at work has been making communications awkward?  What group of idiots, well, some bros who tend to be a bit whiny, cocky, and arrogant about their intelligence (well, save for one of them thankfully).  If I hear "that is stupid" one more time, I'm going to frickin' brick someone in the head!

As you know, I'm a musician, and both projects I work with have been fraught with problems, like finding a vocalist.  Little did I know for the one it's because one of the other guys decided to post a pretentious ad out for a vocalist which got us several very public and mean responses.  The other one has been trying hard to fit me into their time, but making it a pain in the ***.

I'm flat broke, had too much stuff break in the last week to replace and fix, so now I'm at the mercy of a joint credit card with my own mom that I'm thankfully still in posession of.  Had to spend half a benjamin on clothes because the work dress code was changed by management due to one of the idiot bros wearing the wrong thing to work when he should have known better.

I'm almost out of gas, I can't afford to put any in my tank, and the idea of putting it on the card is ******* me off because I hate credit cards.  The saving grace is I have monetarily stable futures ahead of me with all the countless sweaty and long hours I've been working as of late.

Drivers have been horrible enough to justify making a warning shot at them! If I actually had a hands free on my cell phone, I'd call the highway patrol on some of these unattentive ignorant bastards.  The saving grace is I have a big vehicle, but the downside is that big vehicle is a vehicle I'd like to not hurt as I can't afford a new one, and my insurance rates just went down more and I'd like to keep the trend going!

I've got a foot injury that has me wondering if I should see a doctor over it, it's pretty gross, but I did manage to clean the wound of it last night.  I just hope it continues to get better from there.

I'm short of time, short of temper, and I'm feeling stressed out.  I need a vacation but I can't afford one.  I try to relax but everyone keeps calling me about mundane bullshit and forgetting to call when important stuff is in question.  I feel like a grizzly with a bad molar.

DarkParade83 DarkParade83
1 Response Jun 4, 2009

Right next to you bro.<br />
<br />
And people wonder why others go postal. I need a vacation too, and can afford it. I just don't know where to go that I won't be thinking about all the BS.<br />
<br />
Hang in there though, it's gotta get better