Really Bad Day

i  went to school like it was a normal day went to all of my classes for most of the time and in me wood work class i was chilling with one of my friends and one of the principles comes in dragged him off and then am tweaking out because hes a drug dealer and if he get cot one more time with an ouns hes gone so i wait for class to end it was lunch next so i wait in front of the office he comes out punches a locker so i know he was gone and i asked him and he had a defiant suspended we don't know how long at lest a 2 weeks and then he can talk to the school bord about getting back in. so that pissed me of because some one rated on him and hes gritting some brass in his mouth wen we hind him and i go to me computer class late and am in msn and this girl i was with like but we broke up like 5 weeks ago she dating this new guy for like 3 weeks and am all rite with that  but then she tell me that there have sex wen ever there seeing each other and she is 14 so am really pissed i say some mean **** to her punch a locker like 8 times and then am still mad and then school ends am chilling with this new girl i like and then she tells me my best friend Ryan they have been talking ever night and am like ok what about and she puts an the shy face and sees me and i say good or bad and she sees good as am ok then she sees that hes been trying to get her to come over to his house and then am really mad. because last time he had a girl over that i liked i walk up to them having sex and then they were so am really hoping that doesn't happen again. so now i wont to punch him in the face with some bass and i walk home punching ever street sign i go pass kick a lot of stuff and am still mad because it all was going thou my mind what if there doing it rite now? hopefully next day i can figure out wtf is going on.

Lifeornolife Lifeornolife
18-21, M
Feb 10, 2010