My 8th Grade Year Sucks!

This year is taking a down hill route fast! Everything possible is going wrong. But last year was fun and exciting but this...its terriable! First of all school is not well, got two bad math grades on top of that a bad science quiz then tests in every subject always on Friday . I mean come on school! Really? With all of this I have sports I have to juggle with. I play soccer and it's fun but we dont have a goaly so I'm their best hope but I never dive for them, just because I was never taught that way. Always kick and not grab. I would stop them but its when we are winning and the coach changes people around to try new things so they put inexperiance people and I get scored on. Which I'm hard on my self when that happnes. So right now I'm at the point to break in soccer. Then I'm not getting enough sleep because I cry a lot of the nights because my life sucks! School is hard right now; teachers are crap! I love history because last year was world but this year it's fricken American history. I don't give a crap about my country's history! Math is the worse; teacher is lazy as fudge. He doesn't teach things but shows us what to do and expects us to quickly understand it. Science is ok but quizzes never good. English is bad too. Reading.... Reading is the only class I like right now. It's not like I'm really stupid because last year I had all A's . Even though the year already started....all of this happned. Friends are bad too, so much drama. Yea so this is my life, sucks right?
Hottdoggy Hottdoggy
Sep 18, 2012