Junior Year = God Awfull.. Bad Year.

Junior year is so ... horrible. I started out so-so. I am not popular, not well-known, I have 1 bestfriend but, unfortunately we go to different schools. At my school, people are so.. peculiar because, I go to school on the low side of town. Anyway, last year my sophmore year was good. I got to hear back from a really good friend I had back in 8th grade. And because I heard back from them, that just made my entire year. lol And now.. my dearest friend is off to college. I am worried I may never hear back from her. :( I start off the year bad because, I'm taking rigorous courses to get a headstart in College. And since college is so rediculously hard, I am suffering in those classes. And while I'm in class I can't help but think, "Why am I in here? I can't do this.." And when we take tests I do try my hardest studying for them, but the teacher is such a critical grader I end up failing the class with a 38. :((( All my other classes are fine.. And the 6 weeks is about to over and report cards go in and if I fail I will not be able to Participate in Marching Band. :{{{{ I feel so alone... like nobody else even wants to help me anymore. Is this the way it has to be? .___. Should I just end this alll.. now? Because honestly... I don't know anymore.. ;'((((((
Forsakenn Forsakenn
Sep 24, 2012