I am 18 and freshly out of high school. Personally for me I loved high school, I went to very small one and graduated with 8 people. So we all knew each other and we're close friends. While in high school I became set on becoming a vet tech major and attending a juco with a vet program. As summer went on I got more and more excited about moving into the dorms, and being in the vet tech program. But that all changed when I met my roomate two weeks before I was to move in. I suddenly got this horrible feeling that I was making a mistake and wasn't going to like it. It got worse as the days got closer to moving in. I realized how much I would be leaving and how much I was going to miss everything, friends from high school, the memories, my mom especially. On move in day I couldn't help but feel lonely and after my family left I cried myself to sleep, as I didn't have a roomate yet. (Turns out she ended up moving out) The next day my new roomate and another suite mate moved in, and now I am even doubting them. We became what seemed like good friends So quick but I feel like I don't want to be friends with them. I have two that are older than me and on that is my age but now I'm suddenly even doubting my major. classes start tomorrow and I don't want to be a vet tech anymore. I kinda just wanna go home and be a high schooler again. I feel like in high school I build up this glorious picture of college in my head and one thing has gone wrong and the entire scene is suddenly crashing down. All my fellow graduates have moved on and have begun blossoming in there colleges but I can't seem to be happy at all. I find myself crying every night, and don't understand why I am so disappointed and doubt the major I think I was in love with?
PiddilyPoo PiddilyPoo
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014